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In Need of Filk Songs

Hey guys, I've got this friend with a band (also my client) and they're looking for some geeky Filk songs to add to their geeky repertoire. If any of you have written Filk or have FanFic poems thatd you like to see turned into songs, contact me! Looking for material from all fandoms (including Caprica, Stargate, Farscape, Battlestar, Dr Who, Star Wars, etc.)

For those of you who don't know what Filk is, check out this entry: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filk_music

A word from Death By Glitter:
Hi, we're Death By Glitter from the UK. We're a filk group who like to also riff on some of the popular hits of today. We're looking for songs for our first CD which we'll keep as hush-hush as possible. If you have any poetry, fanfic, or other writings that you think could be turned into a great filk song but you don't know how to do it, send it on and we'll help you out. We're not out to claim anything as our own, so you won't have to worry that we'll steal your idea without crediting you. Be on the lookout for more about our new band out soon!
-end quote.

Death by Glitter is currently made up of Amethyst Starr, who sings lead and plays keyboards, Glittr Luv, guitarist, and Manic Meredith, bassist.

I'm their agent, so you can contact them through me.

Musings of a Mad Costuming Talent Agent!

I realize that I've not written anything in here for forever, so I thought I'd let you all know what I'm up to!

Plans are on their way to getting things settled for Dragon*Con 2010. We've got the room all squared away, though still looking for a few more occupants to fill out the last four spots in the second suit. Badges are done. I've got one guest confirmed, and four that still have yet to hear back from the Guest Committee and/or Pat Henry. Working on trying to get the Rebel Legion, 501st Legion, and other Star Wars groups invovled with getting Richard LaParmentier added to the Guest list. He's really looking forward to it if we can still get him in. I think the Committee is justing being their bureaucratic selves and stalling to see if there's, as they say, "fan intrest". It's a load of BS if you ask me, mate. Alas, they did not!
Costuming schedule is now up on my Facebook, though there are still a few changes to be made due to scheduling conflicts.
Still have to finialize plans for the SciFiHero Cocktail Ball. It's the first year I'm in charge of it, and it's going to be as epic as I can make it! My son, Ben is extremely jealous that he can't come! Our theme this year is a 1940's Officer's Ball aboard the Battlestar Destiny (BSG/Caprica meets Stargate/Military Ball/Cocktail party Shindig!) so it should be lots of fun for our guests and staff! 

Other than that, trying to not be too jealous that everyone I know is doing either the SG Auction in Seattle or Celebration V! 

Making wedding plans with my fiance BenB, as much as we can, and trying to not kill myself over being too stressed out! 

So for now, friends and countrymen,
Adieu and Cheers! I'm off to find some mischeif to perform to or with my lover boy, Mr Blue Eyes!
See you on the other side of the 'Gate!

Random Quizzes and Surveys...

<center><div align="center" style="width:450px;margin-top:20px;"><form method="POST" action="http://www.bzoink.com/Q3951/compile/What_is_the_first_name_of_the_person_you_will_marry.html"><table style="border:0px;width:450px;" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td colspan="2"><p style="font-family:Arial;font-size:14px;font-weight:bold;color:#fff;background-color:#C501A7;text-align:center;padding:5px;padding-bottom:0px;margin:0px;"><a href="http://www.bzoink.com/Q3951/What_is_the_first_name_of_the_person_you_will_marry.html" title="What is the first name of the person you will marry?" style="color:#fff">What is the first name of the person you will marry?</a></p></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2"><p style="font-family:Arial;font-size:11px;color:#fff;background-color:#C501A7;text-align:center;padding:5px;margin:0px;">Created by <a href="http://www.bzoink.com/~2hot4u813" title="2hot4u813's Profile" style="color:#fff">2hot4u813</a> and taken 403827 times on <a href="http://www.bzoink.com" title="Bzoink" style="color:#fff">Bzoink</a></p></td></tr><tr><td style="font-family:Arial;background-color:#EB01C2;padding:5px;font-size:12px;color:#fff;text-align:right;">Name</td><td style="background-color:#FE70E6;color:#000;padding:5px;text-align:left;font-size:12px;font-family:Arial;"><input type="text" size="40" name="in1" id="In1" maxlength="100" value="Belle" /></td></tr><tr><td style="font-family:Arial;background-color:#EB01C2;padding:5px;font-size:12px;color:#fff;text-align:right;">Age</td><td style="background-color:#FE70E6;color:#000;padding:5px;text-align:left;font-size:12px;font-family:Arial;"><input type="text" size="40" name="in2" id="In2" maxlength="100" value="26" /></td></tr><tr><td style="font-family:Arial;background-color:#EB01C2;padding:5px;font-size:12px;color:#fff;text-align:right;">Hometown</td><td style="background-color:#FE70E6;color:#000;padding:5px;text-align:left;font-size:12px;font-family:Arial;"><input type="text" size="40" name="in3" id="In3" maxlength="100" value="Sydney, Australia" /></td></tr><tr><td style="font-family:Arial;background-color:#EB01C2;padding:5px;font-size:12px;color:#fff;text-align:right;">Status</td><td style="background-color:#FE70E6;color:#000;padding:5px;text-align:left;font-size:12px;font-family:Arial;"><select name="in4"><option>single</option><option>taken</option><option    selected>single and looking</option><option>taken and looking</option></td></tr><tr><td style="font-family:Arial;background-color:#EB01C2;padding:5px;font-size:12px;color:#fff;text-align:right;"><b>You will marry</b></td><td style="background-color:#FE70E6;padding:5px;text-align:left;color:#000;font-size:12px;font-family:Arial;">Jack</td></tr><tr><td style="font-family:Arial;background-color:#EB01C2;padding:5px;font-size:12px;color:#fff;text-align:right;"><b>you will live in</b></td><td style="background-color:#FE70E6;padding:5px;text-align:left;color:#000;font-size:12px;font-family:Arial;">Houston</td></tr><tr><td style="font-family:Arial;background-color:#EB01C2;padding:5px;font-size:12px;color:#fff;text-align:right;"><b>you will have this many kids</b></td><td style="background-color:#FE70E6;padding:5px;text-align:left;color:#000;font-size:12px;font-family:Arial;">13</td></tr><tr><td style="font-family:Arial;background-color:#EB01C2;padding:5px;font-size:12px;color:#fff;text-align:right;"><b>you will have this much money</b></td><td style="background-color:#FE70E6;padding:5px;text-align:left;color:#000;font-size:12px;font-family:Arial;">42656130</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2"><p style="font-family:Arial;font-size:12px;color:#fff;background-color:#C501A7;text-align:center;padding:15px;padding-bottom:10px;margin:0px;"><input type="hidden" name="cou" value="5" /><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Try Quizlet Answers" style="background-color:white;" /><br /><br /><a href="http://www.bzoink.com/quizlets/create.php" style="color:#fff;" title="Create a Quizlet">Create a Quizlet</a> | <a href="http://www.bzoink.com/quizlets/search.php" style="color:#fff;" title="Search Quizlets">Search Quizlets</a> | <a href="http://www.bzoink.com" style="color:#fff;" title="Bzoink">Go to Bzoink</a><br /></p></td></tr></table></form></div></center><img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="http://counters.gigya.com/wildfire/IMP/CXNID=2000002.0NXC/bT*xJmx*PTEyMjcyMTQ*MzMxOTEmcHQ9MTIyNzIxNDQ1ODcwNyZwPTg5MjExJmQ9Jmc9MSZ*PSZvPWE4NTQwNDFkMTA2ZDQ3YmM4NzM4ZThiZGQyNjQxMWUx.gif" />

<strong>55 RANDOM questions</strong><br /><br />1.  How many cars have you ever owned?: none<br />2.  Can you do math in your head well?: not well, no<br />3.  What's your least favorite chore to do around the house?: i don't do chores<br />4.  What's your favorite flavor of potato chip?: bbq or loaded baked potatoe<br />5.  Do you ever read the weather forecast?: sometimes<br />6.  Do amusement park rides make you sick?: not at all!!!!<br />7.  Who is your favorite Star Wars character?: Mara Jade! Nuff said!!<br />8.  What kind of cheese do you put on your sandwiches?: depends on the sandwich<br />9.  What radio station do you listen to the most?: don't usually listen to radio, mostly CDs<br />10.Who was the last person to give you a gift?: um, Kelsey<br />11.  How old were you when you got your driver's license?: still don't have it yet, and I'm old enough to know better than to tell my age! <br />12.  What was the first thing you ever learned how to cook?: mac and cheese<br />13.  Did you ever collect beanie babies?: oh lord yes, and I still have them too...somewhere<br />14.  When was the last time you got a haircut?: two years ago, <br />15.  Have you ever been to a bachelor/bachelorette party?: uh, yeah, once<br />16.  How many people can you say you TRULY love?: at least 10 or 12<br />17.  Where are you most ticklish on your body?: feet<br />18.  Do you like kids?: love them little monsters<br />19.  Have you ever cheated on a test?: um, no, but I guessed alot!<br />20.  Is your next birthday coming up soon?: not til May, so not all the soon<br />21.  Have you ever bailed anyone out of jail?: um, no<br />22.  What's the last board game you played?: Star Wars Monopoly<br />23.  Have you ever given someone a fake phone number?: oh yes!!<br />24.  Do you actually eat 3 meals a day?: no more like 4-6 small snacks<br />25.  Do you have any bumper stickers on your car?: don't have my own car, but I would if I had a car..."My other transport is the Millenium Falcon"<br />26.  Do you leave good tips when you eat out at restaurants?: i rarely am the one to leave the tip, but when I do it's as good as I can afford it to be<br />27.  What's your favorite thing to eat at bbqs?: um, lemme think, BBQ!!!<br />28.  Do you still own any VHS tapes?: uh yeah, LOLZ<br />29.  How many of your friends have you known for at least 5 years?: quite a few actually<br />30.  Are you superstitious?: somewhat, but not really<br />31.  What was your favorite book as a child?: ooo, good question, maybe something Disney or Sherlock Holmes<br />32.  Have you lied to anyone in the last 24 hours?: I plead the 5th<br />33.  What's the most expensive restaurant you've ever eaten at?: somewhere at Disney, Character dining more than likely<br />34.  How many jobs have you had?: two or three real jobs<br />35.  Are you keeping a secret from anyone right now?: if I told you it woulnd't be a secret, if I had a secret, that is, LOLZ!<br />36.  What's the smallest town you've ever visited?: there's been two or three, but I missed the name cuz I blinked!<br />37.  If there was a real Jurassic Park, would you visit it?: prolly, just to see the t-rex eat the goat!<br />38.  Have you ever gone golfing?: yea, n i suck at it<br />39.  What's your favorite kind of soup?: baked potatoe or beer cheese<br />40.  How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?: 5 or 6<br />41.  Do you know any sign language?: yes, actually I'm training to be an ASL interpretor<br />42.  If you became famous for something, what would it be?: either my acting, singing, or art, or all of the above!<br />43.  How many friends do you have that are married?: several<br />44.  Do you ever read the newspaper?: rarely<br />45.  When you're having a bad day, how do you make yourself feel better?: listen to my fave music or draw something fun<br />46.  Do you still have your wisdom teeth?: yeah, and they're rather painful right now<br />47.  Did you have a swingset in your yard when you were a child?: yes<br />48.  Have you ever played poker for money?: um, no comment, LOLZ!<br />49.  You're making a fruit salad:  what kinds of fruit do you put in it?: pinaaple, apple, grapes, watermelon, mandarin oranges, and some other stuff that I don't feel like typing, or can't spell their names!<br />50.  What are the last 2 digits of your phone number?: 11<br />51.  What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?: nothing that's really scary, just gross, i don't like gross stuff, so that's scary enough for me<br />52.  Do you eat your mac & cheese with a fork or a spoon?: depends on my mood<br />53.  Where did you have your first kiss?: no comment<br />54.  When you were a kid, were you ever afraid of cooties?: LMAO!! no<br />55.  Do you ever go Christmas caroling in December?: Oh yeah! Dickens on the Strand people!!!!<br /><br /><a href="http://www.bzoink.com/S147320/55_RANDOM_questions.html" title="55 RANDOM questions">Fill out this survey yourself</a><br /><a href="http://www.bzoink.com/surveys" title="Bzoink Surveys">Find a different survey</a><br />Brought to you by <a href="http://www.bzoink.com" title="Bzoink">Bzoink</a><img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="http://counters.gigya.com/wildfire/IMP/CXNID=2000002.0NXC/bT*xJmx*PTEyMjcyMTUxOTMwOTYmcHQ9MTIyNzIxNTE5Njg2MiZwPTg5MjExJmQ9Jmc9MSZ*PSZvPWE4NTQwNDFkMTA2ZDQ3YmM4NzM4ZThiZGQyNjQxMWUx.gif" />

<strong>Star Wars Roleplay Survey</strong><br /><br />what is your name?: Lolana Menara Ketalli<br />what age are you: 104<br />what is your height?: 5'9<br />what is your eye color?: teal<br />what is your personality?: gentle and calm, much like a kaminoan<br />are you a jedi?: yes<br />are you on the good or dark side?: light side<br />what color is your light saber?: teal and purple<br />what style is your light saber?: both singel and double bladed<br />what is your story?: I was raised alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi, fell in love with him, and later married his clone<br />what is your rank?: Master, General in the Clone Wars<br />if on dark side what is you darth name?: <br />do you have a love interest: Obi-Wan Kenobi<br />what happens to them?: I marry his clone<br />do you have a robotic body part?: no<br />what happened: <br />what is your role in the war?: I was a general in the Clone Wars<br />what do you do after the war?: I hid on Endor til Order 66, then joined the Rebellion, now I teach at Master Skywalker's new Jedo Academy and the Temple on Coruscant<br /><br /><a href="http://www.bzoink.com/S138407/Star_Wars_Roleplay_Survey.html" title="Star Wars Roleplay Survey">Fill out this survey yourself</a><br /><a href="http://www.bzoink.com/surveys" title="Bzoink Surveys">Find a different survey</a><br />Brought to you by <a href="http://www.bzoink.com" title="Bzoink">Bzoink</a><img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="http://counters.gigya.com/wildfire/IMP/CXNID=2000002.0NXC/bT*xJmx*PTEyMjcyMTU*MjM4MzUmcHQ9MTIyNzIxNTQyNjc4OCZwPTg5MjExJmQ9Jmc9MSZ*PSZvPWE4NTQwNDFkMTA2ZDQ3YmM4NzM4ZThiZGQyNjQxMWUx.gif" />

<strong>Star Wars fan survey</strong><br /><br />Who Are You?: Character: Mara Jade Skywalker / Lolana M Ketalli / DiVanna Jade-Maul / Yzara Dax / Izabet Stassie'tun..... Real Name: Belle<br />Who is your favorite character?: Mara Jade Skywalker<br />Which of the six was your Favorite Episode?: ROTS<br />Empire or Rebel: I cosplay/roleplay as both<br />Vader or Maul?: Maul all the way!<br />Obi-Wan or Anakin?: Obi-Wan, Anakin's a whiner!<br />Palpatine or Dooku?: I like Dooku's fighting style, but Palpatine's got the lighting and he trained Mara Jade as the Emperor's Hand<br />R2-D2 or C-3P0?: R2 all the way, he's just too cute to pass up!<br />Favorite Droid?: prolly either a mouse droid or an R2 unit<br />Best Weapon: lightsaber, an ancient weapon for a more civilized age, and not as clumsy or random as a blaster<br />Sith or Jedi?: I cosplay/roleplay as both<br />CIS or Republic?: Republic, i would have to say<br />Favorite Scene: too many to choose from!<br />Favorite Vehicle: either Jedi fighter, the Falcon, speederbike, or one of those things the Trade Federation Droids flew on, kinda a segway-meets-a-speederbike<br />Favorite Music Piece: Battle of the Heroes, The Jedi Theme, and the Star Wars Disco revivial!!<br /><strong>How big of a SW Geek are you?</strong><br />Have a poster or wall decoration?: more than that! <br />Joined a fan organization (501st, etc.): 501st, Rebel Legion, Jedi Assembly, Dark Empire, R2 builders club, need I say more<br />Own a Lightsaber?: yes, three or four of them<br />Act like a character?: oh so much!<br />If so what character?: All of them, but mostly like my Jedi<br />Made a Fan Group?: Am in the process of making one actually<br />In a fan group?: yes<br />Been a Mock Saber Duel?: too many times to count<br />Played Battlefront (I or II): both!!!!<br />Favorite Star Wars Video Game: Lego, Force Unleashed for Wii, pretty much all of them, minus Galaxies, though I want it!<br />Favorite Parody: all of them, even the christmas special, LMFAO!!!!<br />Is your phone Wars'd out?: i wish it could be, but only ringtones, sadly<br />SW Ringtone?: Battle of the Heroes 1 & 2<br />Ever say "May the Force be with you?": too many times to count<br />Guys, did you like Leia's slave dress?: I'm a girl and I love it! I'd even wear it!<br />Do you listen to Star Wars Music: all the time, n every time my phone rings!<br />Devoted your life to getting a Stormtrooper/Femtrooper costume?: Yep!<br />Imagined that you were Luke in the Death Star Trench Run?: not Luke, no<br />Know all the names of the series?: yep<br />Watched the Star Wars Kid?: yep<br />Know a SW Geek?: I am one!!!<br />Liked this survey?: Yep! <br /><strong>Thanks and May the Force be with you.</strong><br /><br /><a href="http://www.bzoink.com/S118568/Star_Wars_fan_survey.html" title="Star Wars fan survey">Fill out this survey yourself</a><br /><a href="http://www.bzoink.com/surveys" title="Bzoink Surveys">Find a different survey</a><br />Brought to you by <a href="http://www.bzoink.com" title="Bzoink">Bzoink</a><img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="http://counters.gigya.com/wildfire/IMP/CXNID=2000002.0NXC/bT*xJmx*PTEyMjcyMTU5NTgzNzcmcHQ9MTIyNzIxNTk2MTA*OSZwPTg5MjExJmQ9Jmc9MSZ*PSZvPWE4NTQwNDFkMTA2ZDQ3YmM4NzM4ZThiZGQyNjQxMWUx.gif" />

Until later......

Fact for the Day!!

Fact of the Day
Australian scientists have identified some species of baby spiders that bite off the limbs of their mothers and slowly dine on them over a period of weeks. The researchers hypothesize the maternal sacrifice keeps the young from eating one another.

That's just weird!!! It's like the baby sharks that eat their siblings so they can have more room to grow!! EWWWWZ!!!!!!!

About me....

Well G'day mates! Welcome to my journal, one of the hapiest places in a galaxy far far away! So, I guess the first thing you should know about me is that I'm a magnanimo GEEK!!!! If it has anything to do with Star Wars, Disney, Van Helsing, Moulin Rouge, Richard Roxburgh, Jason Isaacs, etc. I'm all over it. The 2nd major fandom I'm a proud member of is Sherlock Holmes. Mostly I stick to canon, but I do dabble in FanFiction and others authors ideas on the subject. I'm a writer, singer, dancer, costumer, graphic artist, and computer nerd. Guess I'll add some sort of survey, posty thingie here, I guess, i dunno. Well until the next time, Cheers, and I'll talk to ya later!